Concern about viability of Gabowitz Appliances

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I agree that legal avenues need to be explored.I would start by sending a complaint to the Attorney General of New Jersy.

I agree it appears that they never had an intention of delivery. Perhaps if the AG gate enough complaints. I would alos lalret the local TV stations.I guess it became like a pyamid scheme.

I had filed a dispute with my CC Company before August 3rd when they filed.IT became obvious to me about three weeks ago when I statedhearing about the delivery issues from my builder.

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I had purchased several appliances from Gabowitz in May for July delivery, no problem said Michael Kohn. After reading all the complaints and my experience of broken promises I called my Credit card Company and asked what my options were. WE agreed that I write a letter stating that Gabowitz had one week to make good on their promises. I got a call from Adam two hours later asking when I wanted delivery, I said tomorrow. We agreed and said if anything happened I would get a call. No deliver and no call. I tried to call Gabowitz and the phones appear that the phones are off the hook and there is no way to talk to anyone. I have also tried to check Michael Kohn's Facebook and LinkedIn which I was able to find prior, but not now. I have felt for a while based on the comments I have read that they appear to having cash flow issues which in a lot of cases is the step before insolvency. . Based on all the comments it is my opinion they are have cash flow problems which in a lot of cases is the step before bankruptcy.


Any comments?

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Check out on Facebook.Fran did you get a police report.

We are going the consumer fraud route. So we can collect triple damages from them personally not through the business. Ken and his son mike should personally pay.

Ken lives in seabright and is a member of the Driftwood country club.It was fraud.


These people have been scamming for a long time.When you insist on cash for a discount, or a check made out to cash rather than the business, they are lining their own pockets and I am sure that state would love to know where the sales tax is going.

Not to the state I am sure.I have contacted the state of NJ and the IRS.


total scammers.


Yes I'm their brother :roll.Of course not!

I bought my grill there a few weeks ago and I bought many kitchens of appliances over many years with no issue. I don't know them on a friend level, but I did do a lot of business there over the years and I got to know them on a friendly business level and they are nice people. They're a family and I can tell you that I don't believe this was a scam. I even spoke with someone from there last week after they filed and it was told it was done 48 hours before filing and no money was taken from anyone once the decision was made.

I have no proof butI guess that would surface if it wasn't true. I obviously never got the grill because of this whole situation. I paid in full and I called American Express and they did a charge reversal and I got my money back. I'm irritated, but I'm not looking to hurt anyone.

I got my money and I am moving on. I read the papers online and it seems that anyone who didn't get their money because they paid cash will likely get it after the public auction if you're just patient. I do agree that they were definitely struggling for a little while but when I read these comments I just laugh. No one was intentionally swindled.

This is a catastrophe for the people involved that are consumers and businesses and even the Gabowitz family.

While it would make a great story to tell all of our friends that we...

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Wow our experience was excellent recently

We ordered all upscale appliances everything

Was perfect their service & knowledge was

Superior -they. Are such wonderful People

Hope they recover soon :(


Being scammed by them


Sorry I meant Chapter 7 which is liquidation and not reorganization. CXhapter 11 if chosen should have happened a long time when the cash flow issues first were realized.



Are you a friend or relative? I take issue with your comment. How were you effected? Did you lose money. When you take oordes a week and perhaps dayus before chapter 11, what do you call it, intent to deliver? I don't think so. It was obvious to me a few weeks ago that they had severe cash flow and were not paying thier distributers. This did not happen all of a sudded they were havong problems for quite some time, so why did they contionue to take orders almost the day they filed. Aslo many people were lied to about receiving their appliances. They were deceived!!!!!!

I will leave this to the the NJ Attorney General for his perusdal and determination.


"Scammed" You don't actually believe what you wrote, right?You think someone is laughing to the bank and you were sold things with no intention to deliver?

What in the world are you talking about? No matter how pissed we all are, it's pretty obvious that this was not intentional. And with Chapter 7, NO ONE laughs to the bank.

If there was no money for you to get your stuff then there was no money anywhere for anything at this business.It does suck that we had to go somewhere else and buy stuff this weekend, but I am pretty sure it isn't a crime.


Someone needs to arrest Kenny for theft and fraud.He took all of our money with no intention to deliver which is a crime.

They are laughing all the way to the bank with our money.How much were you scammed?

Does anyone know who we can contact to let them know we were involved in this scam?


I also purchased 5 appliances from them.They were to call us on 8/2 to confirm delivery today 8/3.

Well, no call yesterday, tried for 2 days to call but phone is not working. Sent Mr. *** Michael Kohn afater all this research, I see what the problem is. THEY'RE GONE!

And we just spoke to the *** 2 weeks ago and paid them the total amount on our CC.

Now we're hoping the cc will be able to resolve this or we're out $5K.How *** I was!!!


They have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can see if your name is listed as a creditor by doing a search and finding it.


you are lucky you paid with a CC.My sibling did not and will be out 7k.

They are done.

I doubt there doors will ever open again.out of business.


If they are out of business, why would you go there today? Call your credit card company and call it a day.


I ordered appliances in early July for delivery 5 days later.Call came day before delivery, that it was not coming.

Four weeks later and many promises, still no delivery. Went to the store to day to obtain crdit card refund only to find it "closed for inventory"

Met with someone else having difficulty getting merchandise.

Called credit card company to dispute.Beware and try to get your money back.


Now out of business


Gpkm46 I am going there today since I am in teh same boat. Phones are dead and they have my deposits.

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Second time shopping at Gabowitz

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Second time shopping at Gabowitz to replace the appliances in my kitchen.Can't say this experience is anything like the first time.

Delivery of the appliances has been delayed and rescheduled 6+ times. Spoke with Kenny, the owner of the company to request for delivery status only resulted in misleading information on the items status or rescheduling of delivery. Trying to cancel the order and get a full refund but they keep sending my call to voicemail. Opening a dispute with my cc company.

Can't see them staying in business if this is how they treat customers.Will not be going back there anymore.


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BUYER BEWARE!Working with Gabowitz was the single worse appliance experience I have ever had.

After a month of "rescheduled" deliveries, where I lost 4 days at work, I realized that they were never going to give me my dishwasher. Kenny the owner full out admitted to lying to us about deliveries. We had salesmen use extremely profane language when we challenged them on their accuracy and honesty. Don't be fooled by the "low price" quotes, it's only a low price if you actually get the appliance.

Otherwise, they just encumber your money through a credit card (on which you pay interest) and you get nothing! Only when I disputed the charge with the credit card company did the refund come in.

Truly terrible people, terrible customer service and terrible experience.STAY AWAY!

Review about: Lg Washer.



So I am not alone in that the last customer experience with Gabowitz was the WORST OF MY LIFE.I ordered product back in May and after 12 weeks of waiting and 5 promised arrival/delivery dates without so much as the decency to say that the product I ordered was not in yet (and would likely never come in), I NEVER received my order.

I was lied to repeatedly that there were "delivery delays" from the distributor. I have no doubt that if I had not paid any money due to Gabowitz, they would have had no issue charging me interest on what was due to them.

However, they held my money for three months with absolutely NO effort to offer me anything in return except a credit on the amount that I paid when I could not tolerate waiting any longer.I will NEVER do business with Gabowitz again and would caution others to beware if you are ordering something that is not in stock given my experience.


We had exact same experience - Ken must want to go out of biz because no one would treat a repeat customer this way and continually make and break false promises.


I ordered two appliances ($1700.00) on 7/2 and promised delivery on 7/13.Canceled my order on 7/27.

Ken Kohen made many promises; but never kept any of them and failed to deliver.

I went down the street to another appliance store to order my appliances. They told me they had four other customers in the last week who had the same exprience. I had ordered Whirlpool appliances at Gabowitz; but at the other store I ordered GE.

I have the Factory Rep contact at Whirlpool and I will be telling him that Gabowitz worked real hard at making sure that I did not buy any Whirlpool appliances.Gabowitz certainly is not a good distributor for Whirlpool products based on my personal exprience.


We had a similar experience with Gabowitz.We bought a kitchen full of appliances and paid a deposit of 50%.

Ken lied to us for a month about delivery - scheduling it, then not showing, then blaming the distributor. Turned out, he never arranged for delivery. When the distributor contacted him on our behalf to get paid so they could send us our appliances, Ken didn't come up with the money. We got nothing from Ken, and he kept our deposit (we paid by check so no credit card to back us up - big mistake).

We had to pay the distributor directly just to get our appliances.Do not shop there.

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